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About the Archive

In 2012, we released a beta edition of the digital Archive; in September of 2013, we completed the transcription and correction of all texts in XML, a substantial achievement that allows us to make Spenser’s printed works available in the Archive. With the single exception of Axiochus, all texts for volumes 1 through 4, as well as a substantial body of commentary, glosses, and editorial introductions, have been linked to the website. The site also includes our forme-state analysis (the sorting of variant states of the text, organized by printed forme) and Editorial Manual, allowing viewers to acquaint themselves with the editorial principles that guide our work and to assess our process by inspecting the witnesses that informed our edited text. With our flexible, easily customized interface, we expect to meet the needs of a range of readers, from advanced Spenserian scholars to high school students encountering Spenser for the first time.

Pending publication of the print edition, some of the contents of the archive are not publicly available. If you would like access to full content of the archive, please contact one of the editors.